Gel Nail Enhancement Services


Photos showing gel nail enhancements.

Gel Nail Enhancement Prices

I use soft gels which are soak off gels. They are flexible, yet strong and allow movement with the natural nail, which significantly reduces the risk of your natural nail splitting, peeling and breaking.

These gels can be infilled which reduces the amount of soak offs needed which is better for your natural nail.

The gels are also builder gels so they can transform the shortest nails into lovey long, natural looking nails.

Your enhancements can last 3 - 4 weeks when looked after correctly.

Calgel / IZ Pro overlays / infills


Calgel / IZ Pro French or glitter overlays


Calgel / IZ Pro tip extensions, plain colour


Calgel / IZ Pro sculptured extensions, plain colour


The gel bottle overlays / infills


The gel bottle French or glitter overlays


The gel bottle tip extensions, plain colour


The gel bottle sculpted extensions, plain colour


Single nail repair


Add On - Glitter fades, foils, tapes & decals

£1 per nail

Add On - Swarovski crystal design

£2 per nail

Add On - Swarovski crystals full nail

£4 per nail

Soak off enhancements

(£5 when reapplying gel in same appointment)


Soak off enhancements plus IBX Strengthen and Repair mini manicure


Gel enhancements are stronger than your natural nails, however they are not indestructible and need to be looked after. Some factors can affect how long they last, including type of work, medication, pregnancy and chemical usage. I will repair any breakages or lifting in the first 72 hours after application, thereafter there will be a charge for repairs.

For more information or to book - contact Sarah.

07912 295246