IBX Strength and Repair


Photos showing nail repairs with IBX products.

IBX Strength and Repair Prices

IBX is the first treatment of its kind strengthening and repairing your nails from within, allowing your nails to grow.

IBX can be used on its own if you have weak, damaged nails and want to grow them naturally without any nail enhancement.

It can be also be used under your gel nail enhancements acting as a shield to protect and strengthen your nails and providing longevity to your nail enhancements.

(Advised for clients who like to continually wear nail enhancements)

IBX Strengthen and Repair Mini Manicure

1st treatment (45 mins)


Per treatment thereafter (20 mins)


IBX Strengthen and Repair Mini Manicures (course of 4)


IBX Under Gel Enhancements - 1st treatment


IBX Under Gel Enhancements - Per treatment thereafter

(When applied in the same appointment as gel)


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